A Choice for style & comfort

Fresh Italian fashion with comfort in mind at outstanding value.

Traditional techniques and crafts


Inside our production headquarters happen all the basic steps to ensure the production of collections of excellence researched and designed in Italy: trends research, choice of samples and prototyping to get to the definition of models that later go into mass production.


Each production stage is strategic and enables quality assurance and the perfect fit of women’s footwear, boots, shoes and sandals, made out of top quality vegan friendly materials.

The production itself is still based on traditional techniques and crafts, assuming that the shoes are finished by hand, while providing fresh design that are constantly moving with the times.


Boots, shoes & sandals made perfect for any season, comfortable in order to live well every moment of the day and of excellent quality and affordability.


The Patrizia collection is designed in Italy and the production is based on traditional techniques and is hand finished. The vegan friendly collection is made with high quality materials that will ensure comfort. The design uses our Spring Step European last which provides space for the foot and ensures comfort and support.